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You are here for a reason. You are here to live a passionate and fulfilling life; to have incredible relationships; to enthusiastically enjoy your life; to live from abundance; to make a positive impact in the world; to experience the difference you make in people’s lives; to have peace of mind; to have the spiritual connection you’ve always dreamed of; to enjoy and have fun doing what you love; to have the confidence to achieve anything you want; to contribute to the world the thing that makes your heart sing and inspire people along the way.

To get to point B, you need to know where point A is.  To have something different, you must be and do something different.  Do you want more in your life? Are you willing to do the work?  If you are, there are endless possibilities of what you can create for your life.  Discover who you truly are.  Discover what’s been stopping you from getting what you want.  Learn how you can predictably get new and different results. Yes, you can create the relationships, the career, the wealth, the life that you truly want.  Are you ready to transform your life? 

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Why You Play The Game

Discover hundreds of tools and techniques in our seminars to create anything you can dream. Live your greatness and activate your leadership! Why play The Game? Because it's fun!

Our Seminars

The First Class

Be effective and expand both your personal and professional life in a 3-day seminar.

The Game

Experience transformational growth by bringing about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life in 90 days. 

What People Say

Hear from previous First Class and Game graduates. 

Start living the life of your dreams NOW!

Answer These Questions:


  • Do you know your purpose in life? 
  • Do you know what you want? 
  • Do you have it? 
  • Are you living your life to your fullest potential?
  • Are you pushing against the edge of what is possible for you? 
  • Do you know how to create the life you so much desire? 
  • Are you surrounded by the people who can see the truth of who you are and support you on your journey?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above

The First Class will support you to discover the answer to all of these questions, guide you in being effective in expanding both your personal and professional life, and help create your own destiny!

What are your goals?


Reach your goals and step into your leadership to create everything you have ever wanted for yourself and the world!


Rev. Dr. Marigene De Rusha, Spiritual Director of The Center for Spiritual Living in St. Louis


"My life has totally changed! I used to be a little bored and now I am so excited every single day when I wake up! I get up in the morning and I complete goals! I exercise and I’m eating healthy food. I'm loving my life! The Game is not something you read about, it’s something that we are actually doing every single day. It's amazing to see how the team is so supportive of each other.  I loved playing The New Game!"

Greg Wells, Founder of Grass Roots St. Louis


"The First Class gives you a different perspective of thinking. Before, I was never aware of my thoughts and never considered my personal power to create changes. Now, I have accepted my greatness and have made positive changes in both my relationships and career."

Destiny Hooper, Educator in Chicago Public Schools


"The most influential aspect of both The First Class and The Game for me was the notion that being your true authentic self gives others the permission to be themselves too. For me, I learned how to practice my vulnerability to connect with others. The most exciting part of The First Class and The Game is that Dack makes it fun, and yet it is still intellectually challenging. I have brought many of the tools back to the classroom and I have seen a major impact in not only myself, yet in my students as well."

Ashley Wycoff, Owner of Spa Bliss/Essence Salon & Spa


"I took the First Class years ago going into it with a mindset of 'my life is perfect, I don't need change in my life, and what more could I want?' Internally, I was struggling with: I am not enough and I am not worthy. I was constantly fighting myself with getting license after license and degree after degree to make myself feel enough and worthy. After taking the First Class, my life completely changed. With the tools that are taught during the class and the awakening of such a limited mindset, it opened up amazing opportunities that were right in front of me the whole time and just the simplicity of it all. I encourage anyone who is everyone to take this class. The greatest investment you can make in life is in YOU and the best time to do that is NOW!"

Susan McGraw CBD Business Owner/ Entrepreneur


"The First Class by far has been the most inspiring, eye opening EXPERIENCE I have gifted to myself!  It unfolds beautifully in three days!  You leave different, with the tools to dream and believe in YOU!!!  I love personal growth and for many years I have experienced lots of growth opportunities; however, the First Class has been the most profound!"

Cindy Goodnetter, LMT, BCTMB. Director - A Gathering Place - Massage Therapy Center


"The tools I have learned from the New Game have helped me heal relationships, accept others just as they are, understand my programs which have created limiting beliefs about myself and my world, and free me to be more gentle, more kind, and more loving. As I break through that which binds me and holds me back, I am able to choose whatever I want to create. And I have!
Thank you Dack Quigley and the New Game, I have everything I have ever dreamed of having in my life. And now, I want others to have the experience for themselves. The New Game is Transformative and Life Giving!
I Am So Grateful!"

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