Frequently Asked Questions


What is The New Game LLC all about?

The New Game LLC is committed to teaching tools and techniques that inspire individuals to self-explore and discover. We support students in expanding their awareness of their personal power and develop leadership skills to predictably create more new and different results in their life NOW! 

Is the First Class right for me?

We believe that everyone above the age of 13 can benefit from our courses. The purpose of The New Game LLC is to create leaders who can inspire others to action and fully contribute to the greater good. 

All individuals can benefit in raising their emotional intelligence by recognizing how past experiences and decisions stop them from realizing true success and fulfillment. In releasing old feelings of anger, sadness, disappointment, or guilt, which may begin as early as childhood, individuals can see the past clearly and separate from it, allowing themselves to live freely in the present. 

The facilitator, The First Class staff, and The 90 Day Game Coaches support each student and player in overcoming obstacles to make positive changes in the their lives as well as the relationships around them.

How do you approach different learning styles?

Throughout the weekend of The First Class and weekends of The 90 Day Game, students and players will experience multiple learning styles through various activities. 

Stemming from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, students and players will be exposed to visual, verbal-auditory, and kinesthetic learning processes. Our universal principles and concepts are education-based driven to propel human beings forward to thrive and flourish.

Can I come back again once I've taken The First Class?

Absolutely!  Once you have graduated from The First Class, you can audit any future classes free of charge. You can even staff the first class and play the 90 Day Game to go deeper past the awareness and self-discovery to stretching beyond what you believe are your limits.

Is this a faith-based program?

The New Game LLC embraces all religions, genders, and diversity of people. Our strength is focused on education and experience: we combine Universal Laws with each individual's own personal beliefs. 

What is the location of The First Class?

The New Game LLC has provided courses in cities across the United States, we primarily hold most of our courses in the St. Louis, MO area

Interested in bringing the New Game to your city?

Choose For Today Be the Start of Something AMAZING!

Let us guide you on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth!

Transform your life in 3 days!

Through many different exercises, you will learn the patterns of successful human relations and communication. Learn how to break through barriers to create positive change NOW!

Our curriculum is designed to support unlocking your true potential by transforming your life, one goal at a time, with a goal-driven action plan promoted by people who are there to support YOU!

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