The First Class For Kids

Just like the First Class for adults, the First Class for Kids is a modified seminar made just for children from the ages of 5-12 where kids will learn about what it means to be responsible. 

As they are having fun, students will practice making choices and dealing with consequences. This wonderful opportunity allows for kids to work through their limiting beliefs at such a young age and be reaffirmed that they are worthy and deserving no matter their circumstance!

The most awesome part is that once your child gets older, 

they can take The First Class for free!

There may not be room for every child, yet there is room for yours!

Both parents must be First Class Graduates.

The First Class for Kids



Your child will be a part of this workshop along with other children from various ages and backgrounds. Your child will learn with others about letting go of manipulative behaviors and accepting their greatness!



Your child will be given multiple opportunities to choose in to activities that promote social-emotional growth and increase cognitive abilities through FUN! Play breaks are built into the curriculum along with arts, crafts, and silliness!

Safe Environment


Your child will be surrounded by super loving staff members who have graduated from the First Class and are committed to working with and for children!



Similar to The First Class, the First Class for Kids addresses multiple learning styles. Your child will be exposed to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning techniques in combination with intrapersonal and  interpersonal exercises made accessible to them. We meet them where they're at and promote warm-fuzzies (positive self-talk).



Your child will:

  • Experience an appreciation for their families and the people in their lives
  • Practice autonomy and agency in making their own choices
  • Know themselves as someone who makes a difference
  • Practice mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress in order to maintain focus
  • Be responsible in a way that empowers themselves and others
  • Create Win-Win situations supported by a staff that educates through love

Register your child today! Both parents must be First Class Graduates